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Related article: Date: Mon, 5 Jul 2004 09:54:09 -0700 (PDT)
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Subject: THE FAMILY GATHERINGHi I am Peter. I am the youngest of four boys; you can image what our house
looks like especially since my mom left when I was four (she said she had
to go on a business trip and never came back). Now I am fifteen, Jake is
sixteen he is really into his music he's a drummer, 2f ecstazy info loli really good at it too,
he has pretty big biceps and triceps because of his drumming he has pretty
long blonde hair real fluffy. Then there's Simon (seventeen) who is a
complete Jock he gets a lot of girls, he goes to the gym with dad to work
out a lot of times, he is by far the best looking out of all of us, dark
hair, blue eyes tan skin and an athletic body. And the oldest and by far
the weirdest is Mark (eighteen) he is as gothic as you can get with the
black lipstick and everything, his natural hair is light brown but he has
died it black, he's really not bad looking under all that gothic exterior.
As for me, I guess I look ok, I really don't know how you would classify
me, kind of smart I guess I'm a book worm real into video games and stuff.Our house is a mess and only three bedrooms for five of us. Me and Jake
share and so do Simon and Mark then my dad gets his own room. I have to
listen to that annoying drumming all day and all night.My family has seemed pretty normal until two days ago; I was let out of
class early since I was so far ahead. And I guess Simon had been skipping
because when I came home I walked into my dad's bedroom to tell him, and I
saw Simon bent over a chair being fucked by my dad. I was surprised but at
the same time my pants bulged. My briefs were about to break. I didn't
think they saw me so I just stepped back in shock and shut the door behind
me. I didn't know I was gay until that day, when I went to my room I
whacked off. I was in the middle of it when my dad came in my room, his
pants were still unzipped and his shirt was on back words, at the corner of
his mouth he had some white stuff which I could only young lolita pics bbs assume had been cum.I stopped whacking off and turned away so I could put it back in my pants
when my dad said "Please, don't stop, I could see his cock rise from his
pants since they were still unzipped and his boxers didn't have a button. I
could feel my cock was so hard it hurt.I couldn't resist "Okay" I said as I turned back around to face him with my
6.5" dick. His eager cock was much bigger 8-9". He undressed himself and
began to whack off with me as he sat beside me."I guess you already figured this out but I have been fucking your brother
since he was sixteen." My mouth watered I just wanted to latch onto his
cock with my mouth and start sucking. "In fact, I have been fucking all of
your brothers since they were sixteen" I was a little taken back by that
but then my dad put his hand on my knee and said "Take of your shirt" as I
was taking off my shirt he said "I was going to wait till you were sixteen
but this is better" He began rubbing my knee making his way through my
thigh up to my cock. I was so hard. I could see his cock was fully
enlarged. He grabbed my hard cock I squealed because I was so excited.In one motion I was flipped over on the bed and he began fucking me,
humping me with rapid thrusts without any lubrication. It hurt but I loved
it. I didn't even notice Simon come in, but once I saw him my cock must
have grown an inch, naked underage girls lolitas I have never seen something or someone that made me so
horny. He sat on the bed in front of my head in a position that kind of
spread his legs and pointed his cock right at me as he said "suck it". I
did, and I loved every minute of it. My dad finally came I have never felt
anything like it, the sperm felt like it was being pumped into my body, my
dad grunted and I screamed. At that point it must have excited my brother
so much that he came in my mouth I tried to swallow but some of it got out
and he said "Lick it up" and I did with pleasure.I was changed that day, my life has never been the same I love fucking with
family it is so exhilarating.
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